We provide a full course meal of content here. Our authors from the literature will give you fresh content in stories and poems while our financial and geo-political bloggers will provide you the latest information and updates from those fields.

Our Vision

To revive the blogging culture with a paradigm level of quality content and to promote the art of blogging in India and around the world.

Our Mission

To provide audience with perfectly compiled information and interesting, path-breaking literature.

How and when did we begin?

It all began with an accident when the founder chief, Mr. Dnyanesh aka DPM created a website on a blogging platform, inspired by his blogger friends Vaibhav and Aishwarya, back in 2018.
Since then, DPM kept on writing blogs in the form of political, social, environmental articles. Our founder has found his own experience in blogging for more than 2 years.

Here comes the story of our co founder, Mr. Atharva Chowkidar. DPM and Atharva have been best friends since childhood and this best friend, Atharva, encouraged DPM to open an independent website with an independent domain. Mr. Atharva Chowkidar is the backbone of back end and technical work in Words of DPM. He developed this website on his own and with his own experience.

Here’s our Finance Executive and a Chartered Accountant we’ve got in our team, CA Apurva Porwal. She’s the most learned member of our team, holding many certifications and experiences. A wonderful poet and a business enthusiast, Apurva is one of the core factors of our strength

And now, Our Business counselor and the promoter of our website, Mr. Atharva Pedgaonkar, happens to be the most experienced person in our team. He is an MBA graduate and works with a finance company. His guidance helps us to go through all kinds of situations.


Dnyanesh Make

Joint Administrator and Chief Author

Atharva Chowkidar

Chief Administrator, Chief Executive of Technology, and Co-Author

CA Apurva Porwal


Atharva Pedgaonkar

business counselor and Co-Author