I have always been loving to watch movies and fictional shows. Being an Indian,I had access to Bollywood movies in my childhood which I loved. My genres of loving fiction have always been improving periodically. The day I realised south Indian dubbed movies are the worst shit I can watch,my journey towards quality content was begun.

On heavy recommendations from my friend Vaibhav,I started watching Game of Thrones (Thanks to the pirated copies he had). In just 34 days…I had done with all the 7 seasons. The show was so fantastic as I found….that the season 4,I started watching 8.00 PM, Around 6’0 clock in the morning I had watched the season completely.

After watching all the seasons,I once again started to watch it from the beginning,but with a rapid speed. I started to understand the whole and untold stories. I read the extracts from the books and found some clues and amazing subsequences that are not shown in the TV series.

(—The Map of Game of Thrones World—-)

Coming to the storyline, written by George R R Martin in 1996,the first book of the series ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’,”Game of Thrones” was published. A completely fictional story in a fictional world with a bulk of extra ordinary characters.

(— A still from the Battle of Blackwater—)

The story revolves around the era of medieval age where houses and kingdoms are busy in the internal politics,a supernatural threat in winter is ought to come and destroy them. A few are being aware and rest are enjoying the politics,wars and betrayals. TV series states this much but the history far beyond the rise of seven kingdoms,the rise of men and the mankind in this world is stated in the books. I’ll explain the whole history in detail but in next articles….!!

(—The Demon who doesn’t really haunt, but literally destroys everything. The Night King—)

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