October 25, 2025

…. and China surrendered.

3 years ago

August 15, 2022.

India is busy in huge, nation wide celebration of its 75 years of Independence. By the time, India managed to secure 4th rank in GDP Nominal globally, while surpassing US in GDP-PPP to secure second position after China. Meanwhile, civil war-like situations broke out but the government managed to oppress the anti national voices.

There are two more nations which had a reason to celebrate. Balochistan and Hong Kong. Both the nations got their independence on 15th August 2021 after a long drawn civil war with their respective prior nations, China and Pakistan. The UN overused the power by cancelling the VETO by China to recognise the independence and sovereignty of Balochistan and Hong Kong. Mysterious Chinese government had always been ready for any war if needed. The UN’s overuse of powers was the reason China left the UN. Soon as China left, India replaced the position and became a permanant member of UN Security Council with VETO power. This was a great victory for India. The leadership of Prime Minister Modi was strengthened now more than ever. Balochistan even declared Modi as the Azadi Ka Farishta. Here, India took back the Pak Occupied Kashmir back in 2020 and stood as an undeniable regional superpower. Pakistan was dismissed from UN and derecognised as a nation. China has had enough of suffocation for its secret anti India policies and thus, China initiated a brilliant game plan.

China sat up another union of different nations comprised of Palestine, Philippines, Laos, Vietnam, Kyrgyzstan, North Korea, Italy, Germany, Pakistan, all the African and almost all the South American countries and Ireland. Yes, Ireland also got freedom from the UK. Many of these countries were part of China’s One Belt One Road initiative. China laid a debt trap for them and they had no options but to go with China. Countries like Palestine and Venezuela joined just for their own hard relations with their respective neighborhood. This new union was named as Organised Global Nations or OGN The OGN was smaller than the UN but still a threat when it came to military power.

Russia remained silent and neutral all these years. Trade war between China and the US was at its peak already when China straightaway threatened the whole world, that the world order was derecognised by it and the OGN will initiate to set up a proper world order. OGN unanimously declared UN as an illegal and imperialist union of nations. OGN also declared the independence of Balochistan and Hong Kong illegal. Everyone knew, the Chinese Communist Party have lost their minds for their creepy greed. But what otherwise OGN did that UN hasn’t? For decades, UN was just a puppet association of few great countries. Have they put humanity first, many global issues would have been peacefully solved but alas, UN made a chain of mistakes that lead to a political instability around the world.

Prime Minister Modi delivered an outstanding Independence Day speech at Red Fort, Delhi. Soon as he reached his office, a Chinese diplomat arrived with a threatening letter. China threatened India to hand over Arunachal Pradesh or be ready for war.

Modi immediately called President Xi Jinping of China and made him clear that Arunachal Pradesh belongs to India. War is not a solution but sheer wastage of time, money and manpower. Xi wouldn’t agree and War broke out as expected.

By that time, India has increased its military power and military infrastructure to a paradigm. India strategically built thousands of kilometres of road and railways in Arunachal Pradesh, especially close to the border. Many civilian airports close to Chinese border were capable of military operations as well. Unlike 1962, China was nowhere close to defeat India this time. Both countries would suffer a great cost of war. Before making an official announcement, India informed UN that war has been broke out. UN issued a standing order to its members that attack on India is considered as attack on UN and that China must be stopped from making any casualties. While US, France and Britain sent their submarines, war ships and fighter jets to India’s aid, Russia chose to remain silent.

This was the move. China had secretly developed such satellites to look after India’s actions. India, before any military action, destroyed all the satellites spying on India. Meanwhile, China made a first attack through Indian Ocean on the coast of Andaman. Indian Navy destroyed all the Chinese ships. A suprise attack was coming from Balochistan. Though Indian diplomacy always doubted the trust of Balochistan, this was still a surprise that Balochistan conspired with China and provided land for their military bases. Maratha Light Infantry knocked down the Chinese attack through Balochistan within six hours. Alongside, China captured Siliguri Corridor and cut mainland India from Northeast India.

Post 12 hours when the war was started, India was in a critical situation. The US Airforce first arrived to India’s aid, then came the French and British military. Everyone fought bravely for India and China was on its knees in just 36 hours. US diplomacy interfered that China must leave Tibet right now. China had no option. India also interfered that China must hand over their nuclear weapons to UN. China did that as well.

A humiliating loss for China was what it seemed like, but that wasn’t the end.

All the nuclear weapons forfeited from China were in Japan’s safe custody, being the most trustworthy member of UN.

For betraying the strategic alliance, India fined Balochistan for some billion dollars. Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia and Iraq joined OGN.

OGN unanimously declared the defeat of China as a mass bullying by UN and demanded a bilateral dialogue. UN refused by quoting that OGN is a derecognised union and no dialogue can be made with it.

Russia is still silent.

About a year later in August 6th, 2023, something terrible happened. A nuclear bomb was detonated in the American cities of Chicago and Dallas. Millions died within a short span of second. Mushroom cloud poured a hazard radiation which severely injured another million people in few hours. An official Email by the President of Japan popped up in the office of US President Tulsi Gabbard, “This is how it feels when 2 beautiful cities are destroyed in a second.” The peace loving Goddess President Tulsi became furious and asked whether any retaliation has been made against Japan, and if yes, please stop..!

To be continued….


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