Disclaimer : This story is a work of fiction and no reference mention in it is with intent to defame any person or any nation, neither does the writer claim any factuality of foreseeable future.

7th August 2023. Almost 14 hours post nuclear bombing on Chicago and Dallas, Japan declares to leave UN and join OGN. Nuclear detonation was the clear sign to everyone that world war 3 is here already. Commoners accross the world started worrying and meeting their dear ones, as anyone couldn’t guarantee his/her life even for next second. Densely populated countries like India, Balochistan, China, Vietnam etc were facing huge crowd on streets, some trying to reach somewhere while some just panicking and some protesting against the war. Massive crowd was gathered in New Delhi’s Jantar Mantar ground to protest against war, similar protests were noticed in Europe, China, Japan and America all over. Besides OGN and UN, there was a third party to this great war, the people, and they were battling by protests. Their only demand was not to start any war. Their enemies were the governments of their respective nations.

US President Tulsi Gabbard immediately called a UN secret meeting for War strategies. Modi intervened on some points and a strategy was decided. A strategy not to use nuclear weapons, while stopping any of the OGN nations from further use of it.

On 8th August 2023 when OGN declared war on all the UN nations, President Tulsi agreed for a bilateral dialogue between the two organisations. While OGN didn’t agree for a peaceful way, no use of nuclear weapons was decided.

But Tulsi did understand all the game plan, and the mastermind as well.

On 15th of August 2023 when India celebrated its 77th Independence Day, PM declared emergency and all the protesters were jailed. Anti war protests weren’t actually public protests in India, but it was a strategy by China to provoke Indian people through some Urban Maoist activists. It turned out that similar strategy was applied in all the UN nations by China. The protests weren’t really innocent, though the people’s emotions were.

Till October 2023, nothing really happened that could be called as world war except that Palestine attacked Israel to claim their allegedly snatched land and the city of Jerusalem, with the help of India, Palestine was badly defeated. With huge loss of money and manpower, Palestine put down the weapons. On the evening of 24th October 2023, American submarines reached japanese shores and with the sunrise of 25th October 2023, Japan was defeated, all the nuclear weapons, which were previously seized from China, were seized again and were sent to be dismantled. US President Tulsi mailed to the President of Japan,

“We certainly were very sorry for 1945 and never expected to repeat that. However you chose to avenge, you did. Now face the consequences.”

All the military bases of Japan were being bombed by the US. Japanese President dared and called Tulsi after officially surrendering to them after 5 days of continuous one sided attacks. President Shinzo told Tulsi, that Japan was being used as a war catalyst and that they never really wanted to attack US. All the leaders and ministers in Japan turned out to be Chinese stooges.

China’s war tactics were blowing everyone away. Meanwhile between September to December 2023, India captured the lands of Pakistan after defeating them single handedly, joined hands with new Sovereign Tibet Republic and put weapons on Tibet-China border. With the help of Hong Kong, Taiwan once again freed itself from China and joined UN. China was now surrounded with weapons and all the Chinese spies over the world were captured. China lost their second battle very badly.

Nobody really noticed that by the end of January 2024, Russia took over Ukraine and Uzbekistan. Both Ukraine and Uzbekistan had joined OGN in 2022 and Russia’s attack on both of them sound legitimate.

Though OGN was comprised of many nations, no one except China was war mongering. That doubted UN and to make this sure, France did an experiment attack on Germany (who joined OGN) in March 2024. Germany did not retaliate well and was fallen within 15 days. In Arab world, Iraq did attack Saudi Arabia and stole some oil wells but even that wasn’t very fierce. In Africa, no country was capable of fighting a war since huge famine and drought situations were already killing a lot people, similar in Southeast Asia and India as well, while in South America, Venezuela attacked Brazil in May 2024 and was defeated by it. Brazil partitioned Venezuela and claimed 30% of the land. In short, OGN was being badly defeated but there was something to doubt.

June 2024 arrived and US President Tulsi got some secret update. Submarines were launched and fighter jets took off towards China. China prepared so many non-nuclear ballistic missiles having range upto 10000 kilometres and capable of destroying more than one target or killing a thousand people in one shot. At first, China launched 5000 such missiles at different targets in the US. Before they could even prepare, half the US military power was destroyed in few minutes. The morale of US soldiers was down and almost all of them thought of giving up in front of China, but President Tulsi was still an army Major. She herself boarded a top notch aircraft with Wing Commander Anne Marie. That gave some spirit to US soldiers and they prepared to attack.

Simultaneously, China launched 2000 such missiles in Tibet and in India aiming to the military bases, India did not suffer any loss as India had developed anti missile weapons meanwhile. But continuous wars made Indian soldiers tired. They couldn’t really help US. India protected Tibet at all costs but China did destroy India and US’s power.

About a year was to complete for the nuclear attacks on Chicago and Dallas and radiation was still in environment. In fact, the radiation was spread over all the US and people were getting injured. Thankfully, scientists did invent an anti radiation bomb and exploded it in the atmosphere. Things were expected to be better.

With the actual involvement of President herself, US managed to defeat China by hard efforts. While Chinese navy was destroyed, US military bases were burnt down. Both sides suffered a huge loss.

On 3rd September 2024, President Tulsi met with President Xi Jinping of China and signed the pact of no further wars between the two nations. China was now in a weak condition again and thus, China had to dissolve OGN. The self proclaimed angel of peace was now returning home with a hard earned success. Soon as she returned White House and turned on her smartphone, 2 breaking news popped up.

One, that the nations India, Balochistan, Sindh (the reclaimed Pakistan), Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Indonesia and Tibet were declared as Hindu Rashtra Union of Jambudweep or Great Indian Subcontinent.

And the other, the terrific one, that Russia reunited the Soviet Union.

To be Continued…..

Written By,

Dnyanesh Make “the DPM”

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