Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction and no reference mentioned in it, is with intent to defame any person or any nation, neither does the writer claim any factuality of the foreseeable future.

4th September 2024

Telephone rings at Raisina Hills, Delhi.

“Dekhiye Tulsi Ji, Our union is not a war front. We honour the alliance. Hindu Rashtra has always been our dream. It’s just that we found this the perfect time to hit our agenda. We are still with you, especially in this uncertain time. But you should also have shared with us the secret of Soviet Union.” Said Narendra Modi.

Tulsi : “Mr. Modi, I appreciate your Hindu Rashtra agenda but don’t you think we should rather focus on ending this stupid and pointless war?”

Modi : “Shall we call an urgent video conference of UN..?”

And the conference was arranged and it was decided to overthrow Vladimir Putin’s communist fundamentalist government of Russia alongwith Communist Party of China by hook or crook.

Russia has always been a reason of doubt in all these events of war. When Japanese president confronted to US President that the nuclear attack wasn’t really done by them, President Tulsi very well understood the mastermind. It was Vladimir Putin. It was his idea to outrun China’s VETO power so that China would take any impulsive action. It was again his idea to China to manipulate Japanese government. Putin also managed to be neutral by helping in Tibet freedom movement. Putin wanted China and US to end themselves by continuous conflicts and everytime China failed. Putin used to provide all military supplies and capital goods for manufacturing of weapons to China, which otherwise would not have developed almost 10000 non nuclear ICBMs by itself.

On the other hand, India wanted to secure it’s position and be a sharing superpower. Modi also understood the Putin game and thus, he imprisoned all the Chinese stooges in India to show Putin that China isn’t really powerful. When China destroyed US military power, India secured the weapons from Russia and promised not to help the US when it is being destroyed. With China’s last defeat against US, it’s time for Russia to reunite Soviet Union and hit US hard. That’s when USSR will rise again to be the Global Superpower.

The United States of America, probably the only nation in the world which could never be defeated in a war. The nation which had the security budget more than all the nations in the world combined. The same US and it’s citizens were now under a great threat. Their military power was almost destroyed when the rival stood all of a sudden. Tulsi called the US diplomats meeting in the White House.

“I pledged my life to this great nation. I will never let it down. Perhaps it is time we realise our mistakes. We have never been a trustful ally except a few circumstances. Our most trustworthy ally India seems to be very speculative these days. As a commander in chief I’ve done my duty and I will continue to do so. I urge to the US citizens to volunteer for war by any possible way. I assure them help me this time and you’ll never see a war again, at least at our doorstep. Republicans are required to stand with the government. I need 100% unity in the nation.” Said President Tulsi.

The speech was aired live and US citizens gave an overwhelming support to the request of contribution. Some donated money while some people provided their personal guns. Physically fit people agreed to be soldiers.

Another UN meeting was called on 20th October 2024 and it was decided to open up war fronts from different organisations and ban Soviet Union altogether. Jambudweep war front was opened from Indian subcontinent and NATO was ready from North-west front, while Japan was ready to attack from the east. Iran and Israel agreed to supply necessities for any UN ally. Entire Europe including Ireland, Britain and Germany were on the UN side. In short, US managed to unite the entire world against USSR.

Meanwhile the reclaimed Pakistan, which became the Secular Republic of Sindh and Punjab afterwards joined hands with USSR. North Korea, as expected, turned out to be puppet of Russia and joined them. Somehow, China managed to gather soldiers and was ready to fight again. World was at a great risk.

In order to weaken UN allies, Russia deployed 3 nuclear weapons in Germany, France and Italy. One of them was detonated in Russia itself and the city of St. Petersburg was destroyed. Berlin and Rome were successfully destroyed by Russia. Millions died and another million people injured in a second. immediately, anti-radiation bombs were launched from India and US towards Europe. Radiation post detonation was controlled in a few hours. Meanwhile, there was a debate that whether or not to launch any nuclear weapon against Russia, and it was decided not to.

French aircrafts dashed into the borders of Romania and started destroying Soviet Military Bases, while icebreaker Navy ships were launched from Japan and Alaska. Almost 3 million soldiers entered from the borders of Afghanistan- Kyrgyzstan into Soviet Union. These 3 million contained 500000 soldiers each from India, Balochistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, Tibet and Myanmar. Simultaneously, India opened fronts with Sindh (earlier Pakistan) and destroyed all the military bases in 5 days. US and Britain chose to attack through air and launched their jets through Israel, Norway, Sweden, Mongolia.

This went on for a month. At the end of November 2024, all the Soviet military bases in Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Azarbaijan were completely destroyed All these nations surrendered and declared their exit once again from Soviet Union. Meanwhile, North Korea tried to attack South Korea but was severely defeated. Surprisingly, China remained silent even after Tibetan soldiers entered Inner Mongolia province of China. But Tulsi didn’t want to be fooled again. She kept looking after China’s actions.

By the end of January 2025, almost all the Soviet countries except Ukraine and Russia were fallen. Russia was keeping a strong defence. All these years Putin planned very hard but his single assumption that the fall of US would make him King of the World fooled him. The world united against him and he was running out of patience. He made a last move.

Saudi Arabia has secretly been developing nuclear weapons with the help of US. Putin told Mohd. Bin Salman, the King of Saudi, to launch a nuclear bomb on US to avenge them and the fool did the same. A nuclear missile was launched through submarine. It went through the Arabian Sea and Indian Navy captured it and seized. It was reported to the US. Putin’s last game failed.

By end of February 2025, all the nuclear launchpads in Russia were seized and the warheads were forfeited. On 2nd March 2025, Putin committed suicide. Russia was fallen and with the interference of US, Brittain, Canada, Norway and Sweden, the largest nation was divided into 3 different democratic nations. Communism died in its own house.

Before dying, Putin messaged Jinping “Save Communism from the Imperials”

Fall of Russia would guarantee the end of this bloody war, but wasn’t. CIA spies were successful in decoding all the strategies by China. In June 2025, when the war was almost over and Russia was divided, all the nations were literally tired. This great war brought a heavy recession in the world as almost 25 crore or 250 million people died across the world. No country was capable even to feed their people. Meanwhile China, by not involving into war, mass produced many needful goods and was ready to supply to the world. This is where the war was about to begin. China meant to speculate about the supplies and manipulate the world to its wishes.

India wasn’t that hurt with recession though, with the backbone of agriculture being strong, India managed to feed its people. Also, all the nations in Hindu Rashtra Union were helping each other. This is where US planned to defeat China’s purpose. India still had a working population. US bailed in its giant businessmen to set up factories in India and mass produce the utilities. By the end of September 2025, India hiked up in production and the needful goods were supplied to the world at nominal prices. This caused a quick recession in China. China’s democratic movement risen at its peak and on 25th October 2025, China surrendered to its people. Communist Party of China was dissolved and and UN took the charge to establish transparent democracy in the country.
On 14th November 2025, UN declared that no country without democracy will be accepted and all the resources in the world will be optimised through UN. All the natural resources would belong to the UN and will be supplied as per need. No further wars will be tolerated. War mongering countries will be dissolved and the charge will transfer to the UN. Every country will provide 50% of its army to the UN and no land conflicts be arisen now onwards. All the remaining nuclear weapons to be dismantled and every superpower in the world must work to eradicate the global poverty. Many such decisions were taken to step towards UN’s ultimate goal, Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam (The World is a Family).

A spacecraft seemed to be entering Earth’s atmosphere. On observation, it was found that the spacecraft was Voyager 1, the same NASA sent in 1977 which entered the interstellar space. NASA lost contact with it in 2020. International Space Station successfully captured the spacecraft. It was manhandled. Something was written in a mysterious language. Scientists successfully deciphered it after 2 months, which was:

“Thanks for the invitation, we are coming…..”

The End

Dnyanesh Make”the DPM”

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