Blind Love – Part 1

“This is not the way you react for her demise Aniruddh, behave yourself”, said Django with a firm voice.

“Okay let me interrogate you then. Come on, answer me if Radha’s death was a pre planned murder by you?” Said Ani.

“You know it, I know it, the world knows it that she died of Covid. How can that be a murder man? It’s not even 10 days past her death, I’m in a trauma dude. You can never imagine how much I loved her. Tell me one good reason why would I murder her? We were dating for god’s sake. She was so happy the night before her death, as I gifted her the Gucci purse.” – Django

“I’m sorry Man. I over reacted. But I’m still a little confused about her sudden death. She wasn’t that ill.” – Ani

“I guess you read her diary or her whatsapp, that’s how you ended up here, otherwise who else knew about our affair?” asked Django

“Yes. She loved you so much Man. I thought you betrayed her.” – Ani

“Never in my life had I betrayed her trust. But she did. Five years ago when she broke up with me and ended the 10 month long relationship brutally. She told me your parents were conservative, they didn’t want their daughter to date anyone. I knew everything she was hiding. I loved her. I recognised every bit of her personality and behaviour. She never liked me the way she liked the other guy. She enjoyed a lot with him while I suffered. I cought up in the depression she caused. I recovered. I moved on and decided never to turn my tail back to the hometown again. But then the pandemic happened and we crossed each others’ paths quite often. Eventually we got emotional and decided to patch up again. But she never told me about him, neither did I made her realise that I knew about her second relationship” told Django.

“Wait a second, what? She dated 2 boys and I never knew it? Why did Radha had to hide this from me?” – Ani

“Ani I can understand how, as a brother you might be feeling right now, but that’s the truth man. I’m not here to talk ill of my BAE. I adore her even today. But she dated 2 guys as I know, and she betrayed both of us, that’s true” – Django

“Go on. I need to know who was the other guy she dated?” – Ani

“You’ve heard enough. Listen carefully now. There’s no evidence, not a single trail of your conspiracy theory that I murdered her, and I very well know what that theory says. It’s half of what you see. Let me tell you the other half now. I had Covid as well. Nobody knew it. I passed it on to her through the frequent physical intimacies we had recently. You assessed that I did it deliberately but let me tell you I didn’t. At least I never intended her death. I found some Covid symptoms in me last month. I consulted the same doctor as your sister, yes, your wife Dr. Shruti. She advised me not to take tests and to be quarantined. My parents were already gone to our farmhouse, I told them to stay there. 2 days later my cough stopped. I went to the doctor again. She increased my medication for 10 more days as I lost all kinds of tastes. That’s when I called Radha to my house. I was frightened. I thought I was going to die. Thus I wanted to spend some time with her before my death. But surprisingly we patched up. I knew she must have had the infection from me. I didn’t want that but tell me if she was pulling me over to the bed, how could I control? The only thing I did wrong, that I didn’t tell her I was positive for Covid. 5 days later when I started getting tastes, your wife told me that I was out of danger and will be fully recovered after the complete dosage of medicines. At the same time, Radha started showing symptoms and consulted your wife. As your wife wasn’t aware of her recent meet-ups with me, she considered her cough as non Covid and accordingly treated her. Radha got pneumonia the night before she was dead and she died of suffocation” told Django with eyes full of tears.

Ani was crying very hard. He slapped Django again saying “Rascal had you told her you were positive, she would be alive now.”

“Enough of this drama. It was my mistake to be intimate with Radha but you have no evidence, and you can’t hold your wife accountable as well. Move on now. All happened is fate. Now can you please leave?” – Django

“You’ll have to face the consequences” said Ani while reaching the door.

“What can you do Aniruddh? Postmortem report says she died of Covid. How can you convince police that I deliberately passed it to your sister? Well put me aside for a second, who’s more responsible if this is a murder? Do you want your wife to be arrested? Me, you and your family, all are devastated and you want to create more problems? Is that what Radha would expect from her brother?” – Django

“You’re right. You seem to have truly loved her. May be I’m getting a bit too anxious. Even if you’ve deliberately passed it to her she may not have died if not for the mistreatment by my wife, and why would she murder her own Sister-in-law? They were good friends too. I’m sorry dude. I’ll go now.” – Ani

Soon as Ani left, Django picked his phone and called Dr. Shruti.

“Hello doctor, we’re successful. Even though I loved her she deserved it” said Django

“Of course. My brother committed suicide because she betrayed him. I lost my sibling.” – Dr. Shruti

“But doctor, I’ll always feel guilty. I loved her so much. I’ve even started getting hallucinations. I can see her even now, right in my front.” – Django

“You need to have a mental rest. Don’t be depressed. Bye. Lets never talk of this again” said Shruti.

“You are not hallucinating Dhanu. My blind love for you knows no boundaries. I’ll be with you forever darling. You’ll see me again and again till you get a panic attack, die and join me in the heavenly abode together” said the spirit of Radha

The End!

blind love couple

Warm Regards,

Dnyanesh Make “The DPM


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