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In my town of around 5,00,000 people, active Covid patients are almost 3000 and total are almost 16000. Last month, 1st or 2nd September, I had a plate of idly at one of the most crowded South Indian restaurants in the town. Yes, these restaurants are illegally running in my town, Latur. While they’re allowed to provide only take away services, one can easily go and eat there. I did a similar mistake. It’s probably where I got the infection.

I started having a mild dry cough from the very next day. I took some medicines and my cough was almost gone. I repeated the same mistake again on 6th September by eating Wada Sambhar at the same restaurant. The heavy dry cough started on 7th September. Initially, I thought it’s because of the oily food I ate, but there was no improvement even after emptying 2 full bottles of cough syrups in 8 days (on the Doctor’s prescription of course) my cough did not stop. On 16th September, I realised that I lost sense of all the smells. I couldn’t smell perfume, deo, bathroom odour, food, tea everything. Turned out I was positive for Covid.

For next 14 days, I was home quarantined. I was given a heavy dose of medicines comprising of 6 different tablets including Hydroxychloroquine and a syrup. Apart from this, I was having steam treatment for 2 times a day. I was also being fed with Ayurvedic home-made medicines such as Kadha and turmeric milk, both inclusive of ginger powder. After 5 days, 1st dosage was completed and there were no improvements so far. The doctor repeated the dosage again for 6 more days. On 27th September, I started getting smells. There’s a marked drop in dry cough since 29th September. I’m almost recovered as per the doctor, the quarantine will end on 8th October.

Covid is not a big deal if you’re young and have a decent immune system. Corona virus affects different people in different manners, like I never got fever or cold but I lost smells. Similarly, one may get fever and may not loose smells. All you need to do is to stay alert. Improve your immunity, keep your hygiene standards high. Avoid going in crowded places and strictly avoid eating outside.

One more thing I noticed is, that near the end of treatment you may feel emotionally unstable. You need to stay positive and keep talking to positive people via social media and phone calls. You need to do some positive stuff in your quarantine such as reading, writing, work from home etc. I wrote a story on WordPress, worked from home and kept on talking to my friends. I still encountered some polarising emotional breakdowns but somehow managed to overcome it.

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Dnyanesh Make “The DPM

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Aishwarya Kulkarni · 2 October 2020 at 6:42 am

Nice experience…😍
Thanks 💛🙏

The DPM · 3 October 2020 at 8:59 pm


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