This is the feeling you get when you step out of the theatre after watching Christopher Nolan’s Tenet. I waited for this movie for more than one and a half years. I was excited when I heard the news in June 2019 that some scenes of Tenet were shot in Mumbai and that there’s an Indian actress, Dimple Kapadia, playing the role of an important character in the movie. I literally lost my patience when they released the trailer back in December 2019 and that the movie was supposed to be released on 17th July worldwide. The corona pandemic had this movie’s release postponed in India till 4th December. It’s quite obvious that this review may contain my bias, but I’ll best try not to be.

Talking about the story of the film, it’s very good, or is it actually very simple? The core theme of the story, the prevention of World War III, is a typical Hollywood thing, but make no mistake, the science fiction of ‘Time Inversion’ is used in a comprehensively stunning way. Mildly inspired by Interstellar, Nolan’s best ever performance till date, Tenet also unfolds in such a way that nothing in the movie feels illogical or unreasonable. The parameters of judgement for Nolan’s movie must be very high and that’s why I say, Tenet’s basic storyline is a little disappointment.

yashoda E square latur Tenet movie
[‘Gulabi’ Cold weather and a movie, late-night show right after exams and after 11 months of watching a movie at the multiplex, that too, being Tenet. Nothing could be better in 2020!]

However, the sequencing of story is, as always, Nolan style, but not non-linear this time. It is more like an epic sage. I will not explain much about it here. You gotta watch it at the multiplex.

The acting by almost all the characters was absolutely wonderful. The protagonist John David Washington and the antagonist Kenneth Branagh were the best amongst all without any doubt. In a very important role, Indian actress Dimple Kapadia played a wonderful character of Priya Singh. All the other characters were absolutely flawless in their respective characters, especially Robert Pattinson in a supporting role.

Talking about the action sequences and special effects, Nolan never disappoints. The time inversion theory shows us that a person or any object can move reverse in time. Action sequences are so beautifully designed in this order that almost every scene, I repeat, every important scene either has a reverse chronological effect at the same time or has something to do with the reverse order sequences. The action of doing things in reverse order is very very tough to choreograph but all these scenes are choreographed, acted, shot and edited in a mind blowing way. This is first of its kind, yet unmatchable. No one can do it even remotely close to how Nolan did.

Everybody knows Nolan shows realistic scenes and is very less dependent on VFX. This time in Tenet, the scene of plane crashing in an airport museum was real. Yes, they literally crashed a whole damn real aircraft into a building. Al Qaeda, this is how and why one should crash a plane in a building. Given below is the photo of that scene. I’m not giving a spoiler, this scene is in the trailer itself.

movie scene from tenet
Plane crash image from tenet movie

Adding to the downsides of the movie, is the background music. As already mentioned here, the parameters must be very high for Nolan and thus, the background score was not as expected. The background scores of Inception and Interstellar set a benchmark. Tenet’s score is far behind that benchmark.

However it nowhere means that the background score wasn’t good. It was actually very good but not upto the mark. The sound effects, though, were incredible. Imagine a sequence in reverse, how’d a car engine sound when time moves back in reverse? It is very aptly worked on in Tenet. You’ll experience it only in theatre.

One thing for sure, the costume design was wonderful in the movie. The cinematography was also good. Overall the basic strongholds are kept at standard to make the movie a must-watch.

It seems Tenet 2.0 will come.

I strongly recommend you all to watch this movie only at theatres.

Ratings: 4.5/ 5

Warm Regards,

Dnyanesh Make “The DPM

It’s not about Covid that thetre was empty, my town is too immature to understand Tenet.

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Featured image : IMDB.com

Plane crash image : Hindustan Times


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