We wrote a detailed blog by the name Jack Ma Case: Missing Businessman or a Suppressed Voice?. Now that he has reappeared, it is our solemn duty to further inform about it and to analyse the situation again. We hereby clarify that we did not make any explicit prediction about Jack Ma. Even if the news would have been about his death, our answer would have been the same. Readers can realise this if they’ve read our blog. We surely have criticised the Chinese Government and the CCP over the speculations in this case and we will continue to do so, no matter the fact that my personal social media profiles were checked by some mysterious fake accounts right after we posted our last blog

One of the biggest businessmen in the world went missing in October 2020. Despite the fact that China is an information-black-hole, the timing of the news of Jack Ma’s disappearance was still a big factor. Within less than a month of news going around in the world, Jack Ma reappeared. On 20th January 2021, Jack Ma resurfaced through a live video, in which he hosted an annual event to recognize rural teachers. Now let’s take a brief look at the situations and let us connect the dots. Checkout the following video by Crux.

Though the sheer authenticity of this video being the latest is debatable, let us assume that this is true. The last time Jack Ma spoke, he criticised the Chinese banks and indirectly criticised the Communist Government of China. When he spoke today, his tone was altogether different. Leave about criticism, he didn’t even mention the name of the Chinese Communist Party or the Chinese Government. On the other hand, the Chinese is Government is said to be ready for nationalizing Alibaba Group. The question of why the World’s Largest IPO by Ant Financial was cancelled by the Chinese Government is still unanswered.

The examples of long-time missing Chinese people provided in the previous blog were much evident to predict whether Ma would meet the same fate. Maybe the Chinese Government realised that this would trigger international organisations and that may affect Chinese Business and Economy adversely. Maybe that’s the reason Ma is safe and is back. Or we might even predict that Ma compromised on his criticisms in consideration of his life. Before ending the blog, note this, that Ma said he would focus more on philanthropy now onwards. The man is alive for sure, but a good businessman is surely dead.

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Dnyanesh Make “The DPM”


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