A small beat of music, makes me repeat it again
A little time alone, saves from mental drain
A small flash of random memory takes me to a deep dive
Otherwise I just exist, these moments I live!

Oh my loved ones, I feel a lot for you
Everyone’s a selfish but I choose to be selfless for you
I owe my life to you all my dear, what best can I give
Amongst others I just exist, with you I live!

There’s my passion, right in my heart
There’re my ambitions, all across the sky
There’s my madness, look into my eyes
There’s my image, right in your head
I’m here to show my worth, not just to survive
For the world I exist, for this madness I live!

Am I being too much me, or am I not so different than you
Am I too narcissist, or isn’t the same for you?
I’m not me who you think exists, you’re not you who you think exists
“We” is divisive my dear the “I” is comprehensive
The material reality, in which I exist; but in this illusion I live!

Written with Warm Regards By
Dnyanesh Make “The DPM”

Categories: Poems


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