I’m pretty sure if it were for any Christian, Muslim, Jew, or even Communist student leader, their respective ecosystems would have had Oxford on its knees by moral policing. Rashmi Samant, being a true Hindu, and the fact that Hindus don’t have any international ecosystem, she had to resign from the post of Oxford Students’ Union. Let’s try to understand what exactly happened.

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The Oxford Students’ Union Elections

In a country where a Royal family is still a constitutional monarch and which has looted India for more than two centuries, a University named Oxford, which apparently happens to be one of the most prominent educational institutions all across the globe, conducts election for its Students’ Union and an Indian lady wins the elections to be the First Indian Woman President of Oxford SU. We admire Oxford, thus it was a celebration moment for us.

Then this lady goes on to criticize the colonization era by the British. Mysteriously her older social media posts re-appear all of a sudden. A professor of Indian origin herself, claims that Rashmi is a “Right Wing Fascist” and she belongs to the parents who celebrate the fall down of a mosque in India. Rashmi gets trolled, threatened, and forced to resign from the post of President-Elect of Oxford SU.

The Actual Problem

rashmi samant father facebook

First of all, the professor who alleged Rashmi of being a “fascist” concluded her opinion from a profile picture of her parent’s facebook account. It contained a picture of Lord Ram and a slogan of Jai Shree Ram was written in the corner, which literally translates to “Hail Lord Ram”. How does this, in any sense mean that they celebrated the fall down of Babari Mosque? Okay let’s just assume they did, so what does that make for Rashmi? Did she write anything like “Mandir Wahin Banayenge (We’ll build the temple right there) in her Manifesto?Does that professor know literally anything about Ayodhya verdict, Lord Shri Ram, The epic of Ramayana or even about India for that matter? So how is it actually relevant for Oxford SU Elections? Let’s even assume they’re radical right wingers. Why couldn’t the Oxford SU Elections Committee notice it already? She being a proud Hindu is indeed a problem for them but the prime issue is that she raised concerns over the glorification of colonization era. They just don’t want to accept their historical sins

The Hindu Culture and Our Generosity

The culture which they called fascism has a long history of welcoming every guest, even the enemies with a warm gesture. The Lord Shri Ram over whose picture these so called woke liberals were offended and behaved racist with our Indian sister, has a history of justice and equality. While Lord Shri Ram had happily eaten defiled plums of a poor woman Shabri and here’s your own Queen who could not accept a woman of colour as a successor of Royal Privileges. I think the British have a lot more to catch up to. The current Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi, whose entire career can be summed up in this one slogan “Jai Shree Ram” is perhaps the one with greatest diplomatic relations with the British Government. Here we’re increasing our relations forgiving everything you did in the past and this is what we’re getting in return.

Look After Your Own Actions

I, with many of my “open to debates” friends have realised over the period that liberalism is the new fascism nowadays. You have a think-alike as a CEO of Twitter and he takes down Twitter handle of Donald Trump without any hesitation. Freedom of Speech huh? Subjective and Selective Freedom of Speech is the prima facie evidence that these so called liberals are real fascists. You can’t just force any Hindu woman to step down just because she’s a Hindu and if she does, know that she has already spat on your system, dear Oxford.


We certainly do not have great universities like Oxford here in India and that’s why we admire it so much, but London should understand if they have Oxford, we’ve had Nalanda and TakshSheela far before the existence of Oxford. We’ve written Vedas far before Vikings ever existed. Ages before London was developed, we’ve had Devagiri, Hampi, Indraprastha and many more cities. After all, your biggest weapon with which you colonized us, was the destruction of our education system, which was way better than yours, while replacing the slave producer education system you people introduced to us. Oxford may not lose its shine, but India will surely regain the educational pride once again and we’ll make sure that no British Citizen pursuing education in such Indian University will face racism as our Rashmi had.

Last but not the least dear Britishers, do you remember Shashi Tharoor’s historical speech at Oxford Union Society? Please watch it again.

Jai Hind.

Jai Shree Ram!

Dnyanesh Make “The DPM”

Post Script

Here’s a video explaining precisely and briefly about the case by Abhi and Niyu.

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