“Don’t let the noise of others’ opinion down out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. “
Lot of people talk about inner voice and listening to our own inner voice, but no one tells us how to hear this inner voice?
Actually, our inner voice is always ringing to us, but we people are so busy in other materialistic things, that’s we never give response to it. And then they search for the internal peace and motivation in outside world and completely forget that, these things are present in themselves only. This could be explained with the example of deer. A deer throughout his life searches for a sweet fragrance all over the forest. But actually that sweet smell “Kasturi” comes from its own navel pouch. This same happens with us; we don’t follow our heart and inner voice, and seeks for it in the outside world. This happens to us because thousands of thoughts are going in our mind at one time. In this chaos of thoughts we are unable to hear our inner voice.

What is Inner Voice?

First of all we should understand what this inner voice is? Every moment lots of thoughts come across our mind. And these thoughts have influence of society, family, education, situation, community, and the books we read, on them. Though these thoughts arises in our own mind but still they are not our own. All the above factors have their influence on them. But among these thoughts there is one thought which strikes in your mind which don’t have an influence of outside world, it is unique and your own. This thought is your inner voice. It comes out of your heart it is pure and untouched.

Why are we unable to hear our inner voice?

Actually it’s not the case that you can’t listen to your inner voice. but what happens actually s that so many thoughts arises or strikes in your mind at a time, that you yourself cant which your own inner voice. This happens because when you have to take certain decisions, in a particular situation, your mind gets struck with lot thoughts. Among them is your inner voice, but what happens during this time is that, you get influenced by the outside world so much that, your inner voice gets suppressed under them. For every thought which is raised by your mind, your own mind raises question against it. We think that if we did this, then that could happen in the same way. A long chain of thoughts rise in our mind, which just ruins out our own inner voice. Thus these thoughts become the reason for the murder of our own inner voice

What happens when we don’t hear our inner voice?

Every person has his/her own inner voice. But only few of us are able to listen to it and follow it. This has a very bad effect on us. We don’t follow our inner voice; we remain unsatisfied throughout our life. We may become successful in the field we are working, but still satisfaction of doing the things which we like would not be there. The sense of completeness would not be there. Throughout the life, we curse ourself that something is missing in our life. After achieving everything in life also, we desire for something more in our life, but then it’s too late to achieve those things. When we don’t listen to our inner voice at the right time, we have to regret for it throughout the life and then we have to repent for it for whole life.

How to listen intuition or inner voice?


First of all don’t think too much in any situation. Relax yourself totally. Because when you are relaxed, creative ideas come in your mind. If you think too much, then in the crowd of thoughts your inner voice will be lost. So relax your body, mind, get connected from within, and try to have minimum thoughts in your mind. Less thoughts means you are closer to inner voice.


Intuition is something which comes to you. You cannot force it to come to you. You have to wait for inner voice to come to you. It is not like a switch which you can turn off and on, you have to wait for it so that the voice gets clear to you.


The more you follow the inner voice, the clearer it becomes. The more you suppress it, the more it gets weak and subtle over a period of time. Trust the inner voice. Whatever it says, follow it. Ignore the other thoughts in your mind, because they create fear, doubt and confusion, because these thoughts have influence of outside world.


Another very important point is the ability to recognise the inner voice, because it is so subtle that it can easily get lost in the clouds of thoughts. If you follow your inner voice, then you will always be at ease from within. It will bring harmony and peace inside you. On the other hand when you suppress your inner voice and follow the mind then you will feel that you have done something wrong. There won’t be peace, harmony or balance inside you, after practice and making mistakes at initial level you will learn the skill of recognizing the inner voice and ignore the voice of mind/ego.


To conclude, “Your mind knows only some things. Your inner voice, your instinct, knows everything. If you listen to what you know instinctively, it will always lead you down the right path.”

Written with Warm Regards by

Atharva Pedgaonkar

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