April 26, 2031. In the scorching heat of Mumbai, a hot matter was pending decision by Bombay High Court . Justice L K Joshi started reading the order. AC was on 17. Still, Katherine was sweating. She removed her blazer coat. “In the light of the evidences presented before this court and the witnesses heard, it is crystal clear that Mrs. Katherine Hudson has not given due credits to the original writer of the story. Court hereby convicts her of mischief and fraud. Further, the suicide of Mrs. Pooja Piyush Kulkarni aka Tony is also directly related with the mischief done by Mrs. Katherine. The court hereby holds Mrs. Katherine responsible for suicide of Mrs. Pooja and orders seven years of life imprisonment with hard labour. The order is heard and the case is disposed off.” Said the Justice.
Katherine started crying. There was no one but PD in the court. Before the Police could take her away, PD went to her. “I wish I could stop myself from doing this but Tony deserved justice at the very least. I couldn’t save her but I fought for her justice. At the same time, seeing you in pain gives me grief. The matter was already out of my hand. You will spend 7 years of your precious life in jail. But I’m sure I’ll still be there for you after your release”. Without uttering a word, Katherine wore her blazer coat and left with the Police. PD was looking at her with eyes full of tears. He then looked at the photo on his phone. She was Pooja, his beloved wife who had committed suicide a year ago. He went to his car and started reminding where exactly this all started.

Seven years ago, January 2024.
Wintery cool breezes were chilling the bones even in the afternoon when Akshay was sitting at the balcony of his rented apartment, trying to make his own tune on keyboard. Suddenly, he saw a 22 year old girl in a blazer suit and with a backpack approaching the apartment, arguing with the security guard about something. Akshay came down fast. He asked whom was she searching for. The girl said “for sure I know the rising star lives here. Don’t you know him? Piyush Kulkarni? He is such a great writer. He writes by the name PD!”
Akshay started laughing. Piyush was his roommate. He was a writer for sure but the fandom this girl had for Piyush was making him laugh. Controlling the laughter, Akshay said “at the moment, your beloved writer will be at his college, the TMC. “Nonsense, I don’t love him, I’m his fan” said the girl. “But where did you get this address from? You don’t look like one of his friends.” Asked Akshay. “I am Katherine Kevinson from Belgavi. His cousin Mandar is my schoolmate and from my hometown. I came across Piyush’s blog through Mandar” said Kat while leaving the apartment complex.
At the TMC campus, there was a program going on. Piyush had participated for performance of his poetry. He was disappointed with a dead crowd but he did perform well. As he came down from stage, 3-4 girls approached him. Katherine was witnessing everything from afar.
Piyush seemed quite famous amongst girls of his college. There was one girl, however, was seeing him from the distance with agony and Piyush tried to look away from her. Katherine finally approached him. “Piyush Dinkar Kulkarni, I am Katherine Kevinson, your fan. Can I have your autograph please? The girls and boys of his college were left stunned because judging by her ID and blazer suit, Katherine seemed to be belonging to SSM International, a much better college and a girl from such an institute is asking for his autograph was indeed an abnormal thing to notice. Even Piyush himself was stunned by this act. He did sign the autograph and asked a few things to Katherine. They shared numbers and then Katherine left.
“Oh-my-God! Look at Mr. Shayar who has got a die hard fan” said Devika with a sarcastic tone. “Come on, she happens to be friend of my cousin who lives in the same city as her hometown. She values my writing, unlike you” PD replied.
“And what would we get by your poems anyways? They are not for us so why would we even care?” said Geeta, Devika’s bestie.
“Geeta, a slip of tongue from my side and you are being mean for every word?” Asked PD.
“Of course I will. What did you mean by I looked better than you expected?” Replied Geeta with a little anger.
“I’ll just leave before you start hitting me with the rocky bag you have” said PD while leaving them.
PD looked for his friend Samruddhi who was lurking in the Parking area. “Sam Di, where’s Tony?” Asked PD. “My dear bro, everything can be sorted out with a conversation” said Sam. “That’s exactly why I’m searching for her.” Said PD. Tony approached in the parking area.
“Tony please listen to me. You’re taking everything in a wrong way. Today is important for both of us. Sam, please tell her to stop.” Said PD
“I am fed up with you Piyush. You’re just not consistent. Yesterday you were someone else and today you’re completely different. How am I supposed to believe you?” Said Tony.
“Tony, I know I have made mistakes but so did you. Let’s just end this. We both know whatever’s between us” said PD while holding her hands. Tony hesitated but eventually surrendered. “Tony, look into my eyes. Those poems, this Piyush, my life, it’s all for you. I love you. I’m certainly sure about marrying you if you love me too.”
Few seconds passed before Tony hugged PD and started crying. Piyush caressed her while hugging her back. Wiping the tears off, Tony said, “I have waited 4 months for this. I love you too Piyush. I care so much for you. Please don’t break my trust.”
“Will be the last day of my life if I ever break your trust” said PD with holding her chin. Moment was about to come when they almost kissed untill Sam made them aware of the fact that they’re at the college parking. Tony hugged him again before leaving with Sam.

Cut to present, in 2031, PD came out of the memories suddenly when he saw the Police van which was taking Katherine to the jail met with an accident in the court premises. He rushed to the van. Kat was lying in a pool of blood along with the wounded lady police staff. He took her and the lady police in his car with the help of others and rushed to hospital. Another police van followed him.
Much of Kat’s blood was lost. She needed blood and there was not even enough time to test her blood group. The doctor asked police about her blood group. “AB Negative” replied PD. “Do you know this certainly?” asked the chief doctor. PD answered yes and said that he has the same blood group too. “We are already short of AB Negative. Can you please provide your blood? We need more than usual.” Said the Doctor. “Certainly you may” said PD. He laid down on the bed to donate blood after the necessary check up. He went to flashback again lying on the hospital cot.

March 2024….2 months after Tony and PD started their relationship, Katherine had also become a part of PD’s life. Kat used to learn writing stories and poems from PD. In fact, Katherine had become part of the college group of PD. On a specific occasion, Sam, Kat, Tony, PD, Devika, Geeta and Mohit, all of them went for blood donation and tested their blood groups for the first time. While Sam and Tony’s group was O positive, Kat and PD came out to be AB negative, the rarest blood group.
In the same evening, Katherine came to PDs apartment. Akshay opened the door. Kat went to PD and hugged him gently. She was crying. “Should I leave” asked Akshay. “No please Akki, nothing’s between us like that. Please sit.” Said Kat.
“What happened Kat? Everything alright?” asked PD. “Can I call you Bhaiya?” asked Kat. “Come on Kat, is this something even to ask for? Of course you can. You’re indeed a younger sister to me” Said PD. Sitting beside him and putting her head on his shoulder, Kat started. “All my family members have different blood groups, except for my twin brother. He was AB negative too. “Was….?” Asked PD. “Hmm. He is no more. You know Bhaiya, he was just like you. Looked much alike and was a poet as well. He died last year due to an accident. I miss him so much. For some reason PD, you give me the same vibe as he did, and today when our blood groups matched, it almost felt like I met him again. Bhaiya, I’m so lost without him. I’m just not able to comprehend that he’s no more. I know you are altogether a different person. But I saw my brother in you. Please don’t ever leave me Bhaiya.” Said Kat while crying and hugging him again. Akshay got emotional with this scene and went inside kitchen. He brought some snacks and tea for Kat. “You are the second lady after Sam with whom he has a brotherly love. I am in no capacity to judge him or talk in between you guys, but I do feel like you guys look like siblings for real. You are special Kat. Please have this special tea.” Said Akshay.

“Please have this special tea” said the nurse while waking PD up from the flashback again.

Back to 2031.
“Head of neurology Dr. Bhagwat has asked you to come to his cabin after this tea.” Said the nurse.
PD went to Dr. Bhagwat. “Mr. Kulkarni, I know the patient happens to be your legal enemy and a convict but I admire your empathy and gesture to donate 800 ml blood for her. This is beyond imagination. Mrs. Hudson had a severe loss of blood from head area. Hopefully her brain is safe and I can say she is recovering. Now onto topic for which I have called you here. One of our interns in pathology department, out of curiosity has performed DNA tests of you and Mrs. Hudson. First of all I am sorry to have done this without your permission. But the results are shocking. You share the same DNA as Mrs. Katherine Hudson. Judging by the results, it is safe to assume that either or both of your parents are same. That means you two are brother and sister for real. You can see the reports yourself. This seems filmy but isn’t, Mr. Kulkarni.” Said Dr. Bhagwat.

To be continued…..

Warm Regards,
Dnyanesh Make “The DPM”


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