On a rainy night of year 1998, at a residential area in Panjim, Goa, a man was running for his life. Some highly armed goons were chasing him He knocked door of a small house. 27 year old Ms. Gracia opened the door. She felt a little afraid of the man as he seemed a foreigner and was knocking door at the midnight. She did take him inside after hearing him plead for his life. The man was gasping. Gracia offered him a glass of water. The goons got confused and then missed the road. The man started speaking. “I’m very sorry for knocking your door at such an odd hour but those goons were following me. All I did was complaining the police about their drug storage in the hotel I was staying. They managed the police and started running after me. Please let me stay here for the night. Your house seems small and you seem alone too. But trust me, I swear on Jesus I’ll not do anything. Take my passport for that matter.” Said the man while going to bathroom. He noticed framed picture of Jesus in the house. He lit a candle in front of the picture.
Gracia was reading the passport. The man was Irish, by the name William Kevinson. His passport had only a few stamps. When he returned, Gracia said, “you can sleep on the couch, I’ll sleep on the floor, and don’t worry, nobody can touch you when you’re with me. I’m not alone here. I was an orphan when people from these colony found me. The tea shop on the opposite side of road is owned by me. The colony people treat me like their daughter. If you are my guest, they’ll not let anything happen to you, and if you’re my enemy, nobody can save you. Good night” said Gracia while sleeping on the floor.
William had lost all his money in the haste and he had not left with a penny to go back. He was an orphan too, working at a job paying enough for his survival in Ireland. The next morning when William woke up, the whole colony was waiting for him outside Gracia’s house. They gestured him well. He told them about the loss. In a matter of days, the people helped William to get his money back from the hotel. Meanwhile, Gracia and William fell in love. William returned to Ireland and came back again, with a full plan to settle in India. He applied for Indian citizenship. Gracia and William got married in the year 2000 and got settled in Belgavi, Karnataka. They tried conceiving a child multiple times but failed.
December 2000. At Chakankar Fertility and Paediatrics Hospital, Pune, Dr. Pendse was explaining, “Mr. and Mrs. Kevinson, the only option you are left with, is Test Tube Baby. It is indeed available at our hospital but it requires a donor in your case. Your sperm count is low for conceiving a child Mr. Kevinson. This technology is new in India and it is difficult to find a sperm donor. Imagine me convincing someone to donate sperm anywhere in India, especially to a young man. How would the man respond? You are living in India for more than 2 years now, you must be knowing the people here. Plus, this scarcity has already increased the price of existing sperm donors, which is not affordable for you. Please have patience. God will definitely hear your prayers. I’ll let you know once I get some lead.”
The couple came outside the cabin with a disappointment on faces. An old lady sitting outside was discussing something with her daughter-in-law which they heard. “It’s only because of the Khandoba of Jejuri, you and your husband have a child. Please take care of him. Why do we always have to visit hospital? The child must be healthy.” William heard it. He suddenly went to the lady. “What were you talking Ma’am? Can you please repeat? Who helped your daughter-in-law and son conceive a child?” “Lord Khandoba” the lady replied. “It’s a Hindu God nearby Pune. I’ve been knowing the place since childhood. If you wish we can go there.” Said Gracia. “Then let’s rush, now!” said William and they left for Jejuri.
Seeing a European man at Jejuri Khandoba Temple was catching attention. Out of which a person came and asked the Kevinson couple. When William told him about his concern in detail, the man replied, “Khandoba heard your prayers and so did Jesus. Go and take his blessings. I’ll wait here outside,” said the 28 year old man with having a 2 year old child on his shoulder and a wife beside. He was Dinkar Ramchandra Kulkarni, and the child on his shoulder, was Piyush Dinkar Kulkarni!
Dinkar happily agreed to donate his sperm for free, under a legal Sperm Donation Contract to the Kevinson couple. Through the test tube baby technology, Gracia conceived twins in June 2001 and delivered them in March 2002. Thus, Katherine and her twin brother Jonathan were born, of which Jonathan died in 2023 as mentioned in the earlier part of this series. Although the biological father would be Dinkar, the legal contract with a confidentiality clause would never reveal it and the children would be raised by their legal parents only, the Kevinsons. The Kulkarnis and Kevinsons never met again.

Cut to present, Sion Hospital, Mumbai, 2031.
PD was confused as hell. He was blown up completely. On one hand the pain and grief of Tony’s suicide was still haunting him. On the other hand he did everything to put Katherine behind the bars, but was still not happy about it, and now this revelation was putting him in a guilt trip plus raising many questions about this fact. He had no idea about what happened in 2000 and 2001. But he started remembering 2024 again. Katherine was still not conscious, so he waited outside the ICU and went to flashback again.

June 2024.
Exams were over. Kat was doing MBA, and PD & his gang was doing PGDM. Almost all of them got placed by this time. Even Kat got a very good internship at the end of her MBA second semester. The happiness had to be celebrated. Kat suggested going to Jejuri for picnic. Everyone was left shocked by hearing a Christian girl asking to go for a Hindu pilgrimage site, but Kat said “My parents go there every year. They say even if Jesus is the Son of God, Khandoba is a God too and we have his blessings.” Everyone agreed and went to Jejuri.
Mandar joined the group for Jejuri trip with his girlfriend Shruti. All of them enjoyed much. At the foothills of Temple, Mandar proposed Shruti for marriage and she accepted. Tony asked PD for the same. “What difference would it make? I’ll marry you even if I don’t propose you like this.” With tears in eyes and disappointment on face, Tony left and went aside. PD tried convincing her but no use. Devika and Geeta approached PD. “Did you ever try and understand her feelings? Even if you don’t want to do these propose formalities, you could just have said yes. All she wanted was to show that her man is also capable.” Said Devika. “And yes, you’re terrible at complimenting and appreciating her. I feel so sorry for her you know. All you always want is people to read whatever you write. Man, you have a girlfriend who’s serious with you. Please grow up. She’s your responsibility” Geeta added. Geeta and Devika, though being much for themselves, always showed mirror to PD for what he actually is. Here, Sam was trying to convince Tony. PD went to her with a tiny pack of Sindoor and applied it on her forehead. “I won’t ask when I know we’re going to marry. This is called Gandharva Vivaha.” Tony became happy. PD then video called his Mom to show where he had come. Mom said, “Remember child, Jejuri is a place of worship. God blesses us when we help others. Almost 24 years ago, your Dad helped some foreigner with a crucial requirement upon which his life was dependent. Ever since, we have never seen a setback in life. Piyush darling, I wish could tell you that….” Suddenly his dad interrupted and said “we could tell you that you have been so lucky about things. These many girls weren’t even in my college and you’re roaming around with them. Make sure one of them becomes our daughter-in-law.” PD became shy and cut the phone. Tony was hearing the conversation. “When are you going to take me home then?” “Right after this trip” said PD.
After coming from Jejuri, PD went to his hometown Nashik, with Mandar, Shruti, Tony, Sam and Kat. PD’s Mom became happy to know that he was dating and planning to marry Tony, and that even Mandar being her nephew was on the same track with Shruti. PD’s father on the other hand, was happy to see Katherine. In fact, they got along quite easily.
Here in 2031, PD suddenly woke up from the flashback. He called his Dad. “Dad I know that I have a stepsister and used to have a stepbrother too. I have full confidence in your character but please tell me if everything was legit, and you have seen Kat so many times and you knew this legal fight, why didn’t you ever tell me that she’s our blood. She’s fighting for her life Dad. I’ve lost Tony and might as well lose my sister even if she survives. Dad, this silence is killing people, please open up.” Said PD.
Dinkar started explaining, “Piyush, your anger is justifiable. I can understand your situation. But the Sperm Donation Contract I had with Mr. and Mrs. Kevinson was more ethical than legal. Though my DNA rests in her blood but she was raised by William and Gracia and thus they have the right over her. Moreover, the sister and brother relation you guys established was out of love, and not for the fact that you share a DNA. Thirdly, your legal fight is your fight. Pooja’s suicide was her destiny. Kat’s behaviour was her choice again. Revealing anything would not only have caused legal complications, but also would have made things much worse than you can imagine. You did exactly the right thing by putting Kat behind the bars. Remember Arjun from Mahabharat had to kill his own brothers and grandfather for righteousness. This stepsister, could in no circumstances be an excuse for you to escape your fight for justice. Now that you know the fact, know this as well, that no one can change what has happened already. Come to home once you ensure Kat is out of danger.” Said his father.
PD was not amused. Kat was still unconscious. It was already evening. He went to canteen to eat something and returned. He stayed outside ICU again and went to flashback.

December 2026. PD and Tony were happily married for a year. Kat got married to an American named Andrew Hudson. Andrew was a renowned script writer at Hollywood. Kat started writing for Andrew. Here, working in a corporate job, PD almost forgot that he was ever a writer.
One day, Andrew forwarded a script writing proposal to Kat as he wanted to secure that while taking other projects as well.
Kat started working on the script. For references, she used some stories from PD’s blog and incorporated them in her script. The script was accepted. Movie was made and got superhit all over the world.
When Tony watched the movie, she got angry cause almost all of PD’s stories were seemed copied for the script and even a single mention wasn’t there about PD. She told PD about this and he became angry as well. “You fooled me Kat, you never wanted to be my sister. You wanted to use me. It’s time for a payback” murmured PD. “Wait hubby, please talk to Kat once. Listen to what she has to say” advised Tony. Sam arrived at PD’s house with her husband. She got to know about the fraud. “Tony is right PD. Don’t be hasty. Talk to her. It might be midnight over there in Los Angeles. But she’ll receive your call.” Said Sam. PD agreed and called Kat right away. “Hello Kat, please explain this whatever nonsense you have done.” Said PD. “I learnt writing stories from you Bhaiya. My writing will always have your inspiration. That’s all I can explain.” “Fine, share some amount from your royalty then.” Said PD. “What royalty? The contract was between me and Denver Bros Productions. You’re crossing your limits Bhaiya. I turned out to be a successful writer and that is making you feel jealous. I respect you but this is the boundary line. Please don’t cross.” Said Kat. PD hanged the phone off.
“Tony, call my beloved cousin Advocate Mandar. Tell him to be prepared for an international case. This international case is going to be a civil war and I’m going to win it at any cost. Sam, Dam, Dand, Bhed; Kat, I’ll make you regret!” said PD.

To be continued …….

Warm Regards,
Dnyanesh Make


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