February 2028.

The Session Court of Pune dismissed the case of PD against alleged financial fraud by Kat. Kat, without even coming to India, had appointed Advocate Vrushabh Jain against PD. Jain was a very tough lawyer to fight against. Mandar couldn’t foresee what was coming when he advocated on behalf of PD. PD lost the case because of lack of sufficient evidence. Kat had incorporated the stories so well and randomly in her script that prima facie it was not at all recognisable. Mandar failed to prove otherwise.
Same day, at PD’s house, Sam, her husband, PD, Tony, Shruti and Mandar gathered.
“International cases are difficult for a reason brother. Court cannot bring them with police force in India. They have to attend the hearing. Of course, if case is lodged against such NRIs, it gets difficult for them to get past through immigration itself, especially when court issues arrest warrant…” said Mandar when PD interrupted him in the meanwhile “you said immigration right? Good. If that can be the tricky doormat, let’s just get directly to it. But for now, we need a teamwork. Shruti, you’re a journalist. Sam, you’re CEO of a start-up with majority American client base. Mandar you’re already in a team. I’m not going to change you merely because you lost it. Nobody can fight for me as good as you can. Remember what happened in school days when we were together at Panchgani Boarding School? Vrushabh cheated in the cricket and strangled me down while I was running between the wickets. You came and hit him with the bat without even thinking of consequences…” “Wait what? The opposite lawyer Vrushabh Jain is your schoolmate?” asked Sam. “Apparantly yes. Biggest enemy of our lives. This legal fight must be personal for him” said Mandar. PD started planning, “alright so we have legal force, business force, Media and…” PD stopped as he heard siren of police vans. He went to balcony. Sam and Tony followed him. He looked down in the lobby of the township he lived in and saw that 3-4 police vans with an Innova right in the middle of the convoy came inside the township and stopped beside PD’s building. The Innova had a small Indian flag on Bonet and “Ministry of External Affairs was written” on the windshield. A lady in neatly ironed Saree was sitting inside. Her Y+ Security personnel ensured everything safe and opened the door. The lady came right inside the building with only one guard, leaving all the security behind. “And Bureaucracy….we now have bureaucratic power too” murmured PD. The lady came inside the house and asked her bodyguards to stay outside. “Devu….we missed you so much….” Said Sam while Devika ran towards her and Tony, and hugged them both. “PD what nonsense is this? All of this happened and you never cared to inform me or Geeta even once?” Said Devika. “Both of you have been very busy officers since 2025.” Replied PD.

Flashback….March 2025.

Tony and PDs engagement was fixed. Kat’s MBA Final exams were going on. Sam got married. Mandar and Shruti also got married. Mandar started his practice in Bombay Highcourt as an Advocate. PD had got a decent job as well. Tony was searching one.
All of a sudden, there came a news that blew up everyone. Devika and Geeta secured 52nd and 64th ranks respectively in UPSC CSE 2024. Both of them got IFS Cadre. The whole group celebrated their victory by throwing kilos of Gulal on streets of Sadashiv Peth. The duo was felicitated everywhere. They never told the group about their preparation or even exam. They just did it. They had to say their final goodbyes as they went for their IFS training in the Sushma Swaraj Institute of Foreign Services in Pune itself. They became quite busy afterwards.

Back to the day in February 2028.
Devika started, “I’ve heard about the case because it concerns my job. An American citizen which is of Indian origin and has been an erstwhile Indian citizen too, is alleged by an Indian for a fraud of around 50 million dollars. This caught attention of Ministry of External Affairs because it might affect the diplomatic ties between the two nations. The money involved is too less but the people involved aren’t. Kat’s husband has strong political connections in American government, especially with their Foreign Secretary. If such a man’s beloved wife is challenged by an Indian in an Indian court, what do you expect the Foreign Secretary of US would do? We have received a concerning letter from the US Embassy in India. PD, Mandar and Tony, all of your names were directly mentioned saying you have put false allegations on a respected US citizen. PD, I’m here on duty. You saw that outside I have come with a convoy and security, but more than anything, this is out of friendship. I have picked this case voluntarily. The US Ambassador to India wants me to summon you but would be the last thing I do. I’m here to stand firmly with both of my love bird friends, and to attend this unintentional reunion. Have brought you all Pizzas and coke midway.”
“Oh my god, we really did make a reunion!” Sam overwhelmed as she realized.
“Avengers reassembled?” said Shruti
“No, Soviet Reunion!” added Devika. Everyone laughed.
“Where’s Geeta nowadays?” asked Tony
“Well, that is the climax of our story, she’s India’s Ambassador to US. Said Devika, “we both are handling the political and bureaucratic angle from two ends. Please don’t mess up. Andrew’s power has to be neutralized and Geeta will ensure that. I will handle Delhi. I’ll take your stand to Foreign Secretary and eventually the Foreign Minister of India. For that, I will need some evidences, enough to make a point that the allegations were not false and that the US should consider opinions of both the parties instead of backing their citizen blindly.”
For a moment, everyone was stunned. Devika had become such a great officer but was still down to earth and secondly, the matter was way bigger than they imagined. “You’ll get the evidences. For now, take copies of our Writ Petition to Bombay Highcourt against the order passed by Pune” Session Court. Let them know we haven’t stopped the battle yet” said PD.
“I’ll be in Pune for a month PD. I am hosting some foreign delegates at an important government conference. Call me anytime and I’ll be here for you.” Said Devika while taking away copies of writ petition filed.
Some days later, a news was all over US media that the wife of renowned script writer Andrew Hudson has copied the stories of an Indian writer for a superhit movie. Through Sam’s clients, Shruti managed to contact media houses in US. In India as well, it became a hot topic. PD was called upon in many media houses. Petition was filed at Bombay High Court and Mandar was getting the dates extended to buy some time to collect the evidences. Vrushabh was trying to get the case dismissed. Mandar successfully managed to make the High Court issue arrest warrant against Kat in December 2028.
Kat received a mail from an Indian music producer who wanted script for his song. Kat agreed for a live meeting. The producer issued first class business tickets and ensured quality stay. Kat left US and arrived India in February 2029. Police arrested her at the immigration. This biggest bait was laid by PD’s good old friend and the erstwhile roommate, Akshay Kadam, who indeed became a mainstream music director and producer.
Kat was now in Police custody. Vrushabh was making arrangements for her bail. Here in the US, Andrew put everyone on fire for her wife and Foreign Secretariat of US started aggressive attempts for her release. India’s Ambassador to US Geeta Yeole was playing a diplomatic warfare by not taking the voice of Andrew to India. Kat remained in Police custody for a month.
Kat finally got the bail and was released. The matter had become a prime time hot topic in India. Shruti took all the efforts to keep the issue trending.
For a good period of July 2028 December 2029, the court battle was like a test match where both the parties were submitting their contentions and evidences only enough to get the next date. Geeta kept the diplomatic battle alive and finally managed to get the evidence that Kat’s American citizenship was questionable. The US government deported her identity back to Indian Embassy in US. Embassy, apparently Geeta, confirmed her identity. Kat was already in India. Her US citizenship came to end in January 2030 and her Indian citizenship was already lost. The case finally took a turn where it became tougher for Kat. Kat applied for Indian citizenship again. Devika made sure that her citizenship in the status of “Original Citizen of India” gets approved within 15 days and her refugee status falls, so as to make sure no international laws are attracted to this case. By applying for OCI, Kat herself made it worse.

February 14, 2030.

A hot courtroom drama goes on between the parties in Bombay High Court. Advocate Mandar submits, “Your honour, the Defence has no ground to say that these two are different stories. According to Copyright Act 1956, it is important for anyone who is using a copyrighted material to transform the same, to give the credits to the original creator. In this case Your Honour, we can definitely notice how plot of the stories written by my client P D Kulkarni ‘Prophecy’, ‘Naak Ke Neeche Se’ and ‘Blind Love’ are literally copy pasted in the script of the Hollywood movie ‘Wardens of the North’ written by the accused Katherine Kevinson-Hudson. The copies of the stories are submitted.”
Advocate Vrushabh Jain started, “My Lord, the Prosecution has no idea of Copyright Act or any other law of land for that matter. The material posted on the plaintiff P D Kulkarni’s website has no copyright registration at all. Secondly, my esteemed client is an American citizen and not an Indian citizen. It is to be taken on record my lord that there is no evidence submitted by dear friend Mandar which can prove that my esteemed client Katheriene Hudson has referred to the website of Mr. P D Kulkarni.
“Objection My Lord. Defence is not considering the fact that the website of P D Kulkarni has a copyright registered and every material posted on website is protected by the copyright so provided. The hosting platform of website has a registered copyright under the provisions of Copyright Act of India, which extends to its users, The hosting and domain certificates are submitted my lord. One more objection, the accused Katheriene Kevinson-Hudson is no longer a US citizen by decree of US Foreign Secretariat’s letter to Indian High Commission in Washington DC. Further, accused Katheriene has been awarded OCI status by the Ministry of External Affairs previous month. Defence is misleading the court.” Said Mandar.
“Both the objections sustained”, Said the Judge.
“With your permission My Lord, I want to question Mr. P D Kulkarni” said Mandar. “You may proceed”, the Jury permissioned.
“Mr. P D Kulkarni, how do you know that accused Mrs. Katheriene has copied your stories in the script she wrote for ‘Wardens of the North’?” asked Mandar.
“Your honour, Mrs. Katherine used to learn writing stories from me in 2024. In fact, she met me after reading my stories. We had a friendly relation and Mrs. Katherine used to call me Bhaiya. In the first book she wrote called ‘The Colourful Chessboard’, she has rightly mentioned in the prologue that her inspiration for writing is me and that she will always refer to my writing” PD submitted.
“Point to be noted My Lord, Mrs. Katherine has publically acknowledged that she had inspiration from my client and has also said that she will always refer to his writing” said Mandar while sitting down.
“Defence may proceed to cross examine the plaintiff”, said Justice.
Vrushabh started cross questioning, “Mr. PD, how will you differentiate between being inspired to write and copying someone’s material?”
“It depends. Inspired is something which has a degree of influence whereas copy is something clearly similar with the original content.” Said PD.
“Point to be noted my lord. Mrs. Katherine accepts that she has inspiration from Mr. PD and PD himself is acknowledging the fact that inspiration does not count to copy. All these evidences submitted by prosecution indicate that there is only a degree of inspiration and not copy”, Vrushabh argued.
Mandar then proceeded to Katherine for cross examination.
“Mrs. Katherine, how would you explain the plot of the movie ‘Wardens of the North’ to the court?”
“A British merchant navy officer from 18th Century goes on to explore Northern Canada and finds out the local tribes, their politics. Falls in love with a local young girl and cheats her. Her ghost eventually kills the officer while the officer is playing vital role in changing politics of Northern Canadian tribes” Katherine answered.
“Do you admit this is inspired by multiple stories of Mr. PD?”
“It can be, the nature is completely different. My story revolves around 18th Century while PD’s stories are based in 21st Century” Katherine answered.
“So, you admit you have read the stories multiple times?” asked Mandar
“I did not say anything like that” replied Katherine.
“My Lord you have seen with your own eyes that Mrs. Katherine is contradicting her own statements. Her fraudulent intentions are self-explanatory”, said Mandar.
“Objection My Lord, Prosecution is trying to lead the accused”, said Vrushabh.
“Objection overruled”, said the Justice.
“My Lord, the evidences are before you and so are the submissions. My client awaits justice. I pray for the same and rest for today”, said Mandar.
“Your Honour, there is still no evidence that my client Mrs. Katherine has referred to the writings of Mr. PD while writing this particular script of ‘Wardens of the North’. Only the references to book she had written 3 years ago cannot claim that she has taken inspiration or copied the work of PD for this particular work. I pray this case be dismissed on the ground of lack of evidences”, said Vrushabh.
“In the light of evidences submitted and submissions heard, this court finds it difficult to reach to conclusion. The court is adjourned till next hearing”, said Justice Joshi.
It was now almost clear that Katherine was about to lose the case. While leaving the courtroom, Katherine cornered Tony and said, “Tony darling, do you really like your sister-in-law in trouble? Then you may get yourself in trouble too. Remember what happened at the publication event of my book “The Colourful Chessboard”? I saw you kissing your ex in the greenroom who came there by co-incidence. How would PD feel when he gets to know this? I know you love him and what happened with your ex was just an accident but will your relation be the same again if he gets to know this?”
“Are you trying to blackmail me?” asked Tony while getting frightened.
“I am trying to save both of us. Convince PD to take back the case and I’ll not tell anything. You have 24 hours” said Kat and left.
Ahead of guilt, frustration and fear, Tony jumped from the residential building of PD in the same evening and died. Police found out in the investigation her last conversation with Kat, which was apparently recorded in the CCTV of courtroom with voice.
PD got angry, frustrated, sad all at a time. Everyone was shocked by Tony’s suicide and was in grief. The most beautiful love story of these friends’ group had taken a tragic turn. Despite getting to know that Tony cheated, PD was in so much grief that he almost lost himself in the meanwhile. Police suo-moto charged case of Abatement of Suicide against Kat. Kat was arrested again. PD went to Police station to talk to her.
“If only Tony knew that I knew about the fact that she kissed his ex. That jerk of a person tried to blackmail her too. I had forgiven her for the fact, without even letting her know that I knew it. There was no way you could blackmail her. If only she had talked with me, we would have been together. Kat, you have done what worst you could do, now witness my wrath as it unfolds. It would only cost you 50 million dollars if not for Tony’s suicide. Now, I will make sure you lose everything. It pains me to do this but I will. You took my love, I’ll take yours, and that’s the real justice I’ll fight for, now. Dharma Hinsa Tathaiva Cha” said PD.
In a matter of few months, the media trials of Andrew Hudson were risen to its peak. The renowned script writer faced huge criticism. Sam’s American clients made sure he loses every contract he enters. Geeta made sure none of his political friends would succeed in cornering Indian Embassy. Eventually, Andrew lost his political friends and commercial contacts both. He tried to counter the media narrative but it cost him every last penny he had. Frustrated and lost in life, Andrew committed suicide in September 2030, months after Tony’s suicide. Here, the court kept adjourning as no crucial evidence or witness could be produced. Kat now had an abatement of suicide case as well.

April 26, 2031. The Final Day in the Bombay High Court.
Mandar made aggressive arguments saying, “Your Honour, the website search history of Mrs. Katherine is before you. It is clearly evident that Katherine has accessed the website of Mr. PD multiple times while writing the script of ‘Wardens of the North’. You can cross check the dates, times and IP addresses. Your Honour, even if she claims this as an inspiration work, my client has not been given due credit. Plus, the CCTV footage this very courtroom has already proven beyond any doubt that Katherine has abated Mrs. Pooja aka Tony to commit suicide. Your Honour, we deserve and await justice. I pray that the accused shall be hanged till death.”
The court ordered life sentence to Kat and compensation of equal amount of 50 Million Dollars in Indian Rupees in favour of PD as explained in the first part of this story.

Same day at 11:45 PM at Sion Hospital Mumbai.

“Mr. Kulkarni, Inspector Naikwade, the patient Mrs. Katherine has come to senses’’, said the nurse.
“Kat, read this. We are blood related, siblings in the literal sense. You know Kat, when Yudhishthir came to know about Karna’s reality that he was his elder brother, he grieved. I did too. But Karna was already dead and you are not. You acted like Karna as well. When you came to my house, I saw you getting along with Dad. I know, that you knew about this all test tube baby thing. Dad must have told you this. You still acted the same. You still committed fraud, you made Tony commit suicide. You do not deserve life sentence. You deserve a fullstop,” said PD while snatching the Gun of Inspector and shooting Kat in the head.

Not the ending!!!

April 26, 2024, Sion Hospital, Mumbai.

PD was in Coma ahead of the accident he met with 2 months ago. He woke up after 2 months. Tony came running to him and hugged him while he was laying on the bed. He could clearly remember everything he saw in the long dream while he was in Coma. He was so happy to see that everything he saw was just a dream. He cried as he hugged Tony and was happy to see her alive. He could recognise everyone. He saw his parents, Sam, Tony, Geeta, Devika, Mandar, Shruti in the ICU.
“Where is Kat” PD asked.
“Sorry to say but Kat is no more, PD. She died in that accident and you survived”, Said Sam.
“Can everyone please excuse me and my dad?” said PD. Everyone left.
“Dad, did you ever donate your sperm for a test tube baby contract?” asked PD.
“How do you know it Son?” asked his Dad.
“Was it the Kevinson couple?” asked PD.
“Yes dear. Your dear friend Kat was your sister for real, but not legal.” Said his Dad.
PD got frightened. He saw everything just as happened and everything that might have happened had he not met with the accident. He lived an alternate reality when he was in Coma. He could see Kat outside the window of ICU waving and smiling down at him. She disappeared in a minute. “Thank you, Kat”, said PD “I will write this story for you now, titled The Colourful Chessboard”.

The End.

Warm Regards,
Dnyanesh Make “The DPM”


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