नाश्त्याला येउललाव का? Latur Food Blog Special

लातूर, नाश्ता संस्कृती आणि दाक्षिणात्य पदार्थांचा प्रभाव “लातूर मधी हाव व्हय, चल की नाश्त्याला! कस्लाईस बे लातूर मधी राहून आणखी कृष्णा वर इडली खाय नाहीस का? ही लातुराय पिल्लू…इथल्या साऊथ इंडियन ला प्रत्यक्ष साऊथ इंडियात चॅलेंज नाही भावड्या!” ही माझा Read more…

Subhas Chandra Bose

The Bose Files-Mystery of the Unsung War Hero

Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose: The True Liberator, The Never Ending Mystery!

It has been a practice of Indian historians to undermine some of the greatest heroes of our nation, Netaji’s aura surpasses their theoretical suppressions. The only thing that keeps bothering me as an Indian citizen, is the mystery of his death, and the fact that not once in all these 70 years of independence, had the Indian government honestly tried to reveal this mystery. Apart from that, we’ll thoroughly discuss other dimensions of his life too. Let’s get started.


Network Marketing or MLM – A Career Drowning Opportunity

From all the stories of losing hard-earned money in fraud Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) companies to the hardcore promotions by those who work for it, we all know that this terminology has failed many times. What must be the reason for it? Why these fraudsters are still able to loot the innocent lower middle class teenagers’ money? Why any of the those company has never succeeded using MLM strategies?