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If you haven’t read previous 3 parts of this blog series, please go through these links and read them. They are important as well as interesting.

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Now, the whole crux of all these blogs in brief is as follows :

(—The Melting of Ice Shelf in Arctic—)

1) Global Warming is an unavoidable truth. It’s causing melting of polar ice shelf and rise in the ocean levels. Extreme climatic conditions and increase in natural disasters as well. The stoppage of Gulf Stream is certain and thus the upcoming ice age.

2) The long term disasters are too far to be survived as increasing droughts, floods and hurricanes will cause a big harm to humanity.

3) This is certain and unavoidable. It already has caused much more loss than ever before.

Now, do we have a solution…? Are we doing anything to try to minimise it..? Have world ever witnessed a solution to disasters caused by global warming…? This is where the last part of my blog series begins.

The International Achievements

1)The representatives from all over the world has identified and authorised Global Warming and ozone layer discrepancy as a common global threat back in 1980’s. The average global temperature was agreed not to be increased beyond 1.5 degrees. The ozone layer was found torn in the skies of Antarctica. The carbon particles in air were agreed to be minimised by introducing low carbon emitting equipments. Thus, we really did well. The ozone layer over Antarctica was resettled by our efforts. Alas, ozone layer has started to tear down over Arctic again….the reason for gulf stream stoppage remember…? No..? Read the first part again…!

2) Carbon emitting vehicles are tremendously being lowered and replaced with CNG and electrified vehicles. Though, we have much more to be achieved in this regard. Countries like India, US still have carbon emitting vehicles in abundance. Electrified public transport is the solution they’re working on. Almost 10 metro cities in India have metro trains. 20 more cities have metros under construction. These will reduce bike and car commuters to a great extent… eventually declining the air and noise pollution throughout the cities with population in millions. This will make a huge difference. Still, there’s much more needed.

(—The Construction of Metro Rail in Pune, India—)

Fuel engine cars and bikes should be gradually replaced with electric ones. There are standards set for lower carbon emitting engines in vehicles such as Euro Standard, Bharat Standard etc. These update every few years. In all these environment safety compilations, Europe is very alert and progressive.

(—The Solar Panels at the rooftop of Parking lot in Cochin Airport, Kerala, India—)

3)India and China are nonetheless backward in environment protection program. India has remarkable achievement in generation of Solar Energy in recent 4 years. China also has many innovative programs for environmental safety.

(—Former president of US Mr. Barack Obama in Copenhagen Summit, 2009—)

4) The environmental summits of Kyoto and Copenhagen were quite successful as International co-ordination was achieved to a great level. If it weren’t for the US President Barack Obama and the Prime Ministers/Presidents of BRICS nations, Copenhagen summit would fail.

But all these are international stuffs. Macro level data always differs with micro level reality. Let winter come whenever it has to, we will do what we can, collectively it will make a different.

So, possible solutions we have are :-

1) Do not use water more than 12 litres for bathing. No shower at all.

2) Plant a tree wherever you feel there’s a need.

3) Harvest the rainwater, whether you have or not the borewell.

4) Spread environmental awareness as much as possible.

5) Use public transport more often. If you must show your expensive car, make sure you plant 2 trees for every kilometre beyond 100.

6) Make a group of people and dig some canals over the slopes of hills and mountains in Summers. Believe me, they store more than enough water in the shortest rainfall. Search for the work of Paani Foundation in Maharashtra State of India, they did it successfully.

7) Use organic fertilizers in the fields. Don’t ever bother the soil by taking wrong crops that it can’t hold.

8) Pressurise your leaders, representatives, bureaucrats, and government regarding environmental safety programs.

Let me show you a video to dictate the value of water.

[wpvideo DPzOpIeF data-temp-aztec-id=”1a3d3c93-b820-437b-a843-f3e4bf8f2fa7″]

The environment is imbalanced. Disasters will come to destroy us every year, worse than before. Let’s face everything with humanity’s eternal power of love. Let’s have some work towards humanity’s one and single goal, the survival….!!

This series ends here. It took me a lot of efforts to research and compile. All this, I’ve done, wasn’t for money or fame. Environmental disasters are real and unavoidable. I just felt that it was my duty to spread some awareness.

Following are the references of all the blog posts of this series.





Ex IAS Avinash Dharmadhikari’s 3 lectures on environment.

Warm Regards,

Dnyanesh Make “The DPM”


sushil kokil · 8 January 2019 at 6:23 pm

Such a amazing information…. N we are more aware about environment…
Thankx for highten in our awareness…

    The DPM · 8 January 2019 at 1:00 pm

    Yes absolutely you’re aware… But do you think enough people are aware…? I think I’m trying to awakening those for whom environmental problems are nothing beyond a school teaching subject.

realtalkwithmatty.com · 10 January 2019 at 7:04 pm

I enjoyed this blog it was quite informative. I have to read part 1&2 when I get a chance.

Mandar Karbhajan (Mandy) · 16 January 2019 at 2:19 pm

Sad that nobody hell cares about the scarce resources..!

Ihagh G. T. · 27 February 2019 at 9:18 pm


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