Despite of the heavy rains in the town, Aniruddh’s curiosity couldn’t let him stay in the house and he went to Django’s house.

Django used to live about half a mile from Ani’s house. Ani and Django weren’t friends. They barely knew each other. Django loved Ani’s Sister, Radhika. Django and Radhika were college mates and that’s how Django had a relationship with her.

Django and Radhika dated for almost a year and then went apart. Radhika’s conservative family was a problem in their relationship. Django took a long time to move on and he finally did.

Ani always had this doubt whether Django and Radha were dating. But his own messed up love life never let him interfere in his sister’s affairs.

A few days ago when Django called Radha to his house, they arranged a long time meet-up which, as you may guess, got carried away as a blind date.

That day, Radha was somewhat emotional. She was meeting Django after 5 years. Django arranged some drinks and played some romantic music, especially the Marathi song “Saavar Re Mana.” That song used to be the couple’s favourite in their days of affair. Radha was down with 2 pegs of red wine and Django down with 5. He pulled Radha closer while she hesitated, but eventually she surrendered. He kissed her on forehead and hugged her.

“Radha, not like that. I’m not a pervert darling, and we must not cross this ‘ex relationship’ line. Although I desparately love you even today but it’s not possible you know that” said Django

“Just don’t give me anymore excuse” said Radha while putting her lips tightly against his and smooching him. That went on for some time before they ended up having sex.

“Dhanu, did we just patch up?” asked Radha. Django’s real name was Dhananjay.

“We may think so” said Django with a wink.

And afterwards they patched up again. Just like a teenage couple, they started dating without thinking of any consequences. These were the hard days when a global pandemic caused by Covid 19 brought everyone to utter loneliness and social anxiety. This patch up was technically a great relief for both of them. Since these were the days of unlock and Django’s parents often go to their family town where they have a huge farm, Django often used to be alone and Radha kept on coming to him, not to mention their physical intimacy when the world was socially distancing.

With tears in his eyes, Django got up from the deep leap of recent memories with Radha as he heard the door bell.

“Hello Aniruddh, welcome. How come you visited me?” – Django

Instead of giving an answer, Ani kicked Django in the stomach and slapped him hard. Without even letting him speak a word, Ani said with an accusation, “Bastard, you murdered my sister!”

To be continued…..

Warm Regards,

Dnyanesh Make “The DPM”


Aishwarya Kulkarni · 24 September 2020 at 4:30 am

Nice one…gr8 suspence…hope the next part comes soon…😊

The DPM · 24 September 2020 at 4:37 am

Sooner than you expect!

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