Soothing cold temperatures of Pune City on a fine evening of January 2017 were having an extra romantic flavour today. This romanticism in the environment is the basic reason why the Queen of Deccan makes you fall in love with it. Harish was no longer an outsider for Pune, at least for himself.

About 4 years ago Harish came to Pune from Indore. He could speak Marathi even before coming to Pune, he improvised it to a paradigm level in Pune. He was also fond of Marathi movies and culture.

He took a turn towards Viman Nagar from Nagar Road and speeded up to reach the airport. His girlfriend Krutika was coming from Hyderabad. He was excited to meet her for the first time. Yes, they were meeting for the first time after he proposed her on whatsapp. He was picking her from the airport and was about to drop her to DSK city at her Sister’s home after watching a movie.

Harish was pursuing MBA from a reputed college in Pune. Krutika was also doing MBA from Hyderabad. They were batchmates in BMCC. They were never good friends in those days but they would occasionally talk to each other with a minor flash of attraction in their eyes. They started talking more often after they got graduated. That kept on improving till he proposed her.

“Why are you so late?” Asked Krutika with a little annoying face while hugging him.

“Sorry darling, you know the Pune traffic better than me,” said Harry, “now come along, we gotta go!”

“First we’ll go to the famous Pani Puri stall on JM road, then we’ll have your favourite tea at Shanivar Peth, then we’ll go to Omkareshwar temple, then Sambhaji Garden and then we’ll go for the movie” said Krutika while sitting on the backseat of his bike.

“Kuru it’s already 6 in the evening. We won’t be able to make it for the movie or you’ll be late for your home” said Harry.

“Bavlat, I’ve told Di that I’m coming by tomorrow morning’s flight. We’ll enjoy the whole night together” said Krutika.

“You’ll spend the night at my place? Need to throw the bugs out. You should have told me this earlier. It’s really hard to convince them now” said Harish.

“You’ll convince bugs?” – Krutika

“Yeah. People call them best friends who also happen to be my roommates. Vaibhav and Mandar.” – Harry

“So mean. I’d like to meet’em. And who told you that we’ll be alone at your place? Let them be. We’ll binge watch some series or we’ll play UNO.” – Krutika

“They’d definitely mind you being at our place tonight. I’ve managed that. It has cost me a Misal treat for both of them” said Harish while putting emergency breaks on a spead breaker causing her to hold him tightly.

“You definitely are a naughty boy Harry”, Said Krutika while asking “which movie we’ll be watching tonight?”

“Ti Sadhya Kaay Karte” – Harry

“Oh I love you Harry…what a great surprise. I was dying to watch that movie.” – said Krutika.

“At PVR Phoenix Mall. Your favourite, and please don’t ask me to buy caramel popcorn please…waste of money.”

Afterwards they roamed around as they planned. While watching the movie, they did what couples do in the theatres. But they did watch the movie as well. Both of them loved a song from that movie.

Movie ended late at night. They went to his place and did what they were craving for the long time after getting into relationship. The next morning he dropped her at her Sister’s home.

“Harry, come do dinner” said his mom.

It’s April 2020, Indore. Harry was now a Marketing executive at an MNC in Delhi, he was on lockdown leave.

He removed the earphones. Putting a smile on his face, went to the dining table.

“Two kinds of people smile for no reason, maniacs and those who are in love. What’s the matter Harish? Did you find me a daughter-in-law?” Asked Harry’s mom.

“Nothing mom. Finding me a perfect bride is your responsibility altogether as an Indian mom. I don’t partake. I did try though, that’s what flashed me just a few minutes ago” said Harry

“Ohho Dada’s love story!” His younger teenager sister freaked out.

“Beta you’re a rockstar, I thought you were a loser. But why didn’t you guys continue? We would accept her as your wife. Afterall me and your mom also had a love-marriage. I was afraid if my son will doom my name but thank God he atleast had a girlfriend” said his Dad.

“Dad we dated for almost a year but met only 3 times. We were having different circles, different experiences. That kept dividing us and both of us were aware of that. We happily ended it. It’s a beautiful forgotten memory for both of us” said Harry.

“Your generation is really hard to understand. While you’re happily ending relationships and your sister rejecting coolest of the boys on Tinder.” – Dad

“Stop it Dad I’m not even on Tinder” interrupted Hemangi (his sister).

“Come on Dad it’s okay. Sometimes we just need to be cool and straightforward. Why suffer because we broke up? Be happy because we dated and had some of the finest memories” said Harry.

“One second Harry, you said it’s a forgotten memory. How come you remembered her now?” Asked his Mom

“It’s all because of the song, from the movie we watched together. I was randomly listening to it before getting that flashback.” – Harry.

“Which song Dada?” Asked Hemangi

“Hridayat waje something” said Harry.

“Hurry up. It’s almost 9 PM. Ramayan is about to start” said Dad.

“Decide yourself Harry. I can speak to her parents if you say” said Dad.

“How much time did Ram and Seeta spent together?” – Harry

“13 years of exile plus 1 or 2 years as King and Queen in Ayodhya. In 14th year, Ravana kidnapped her so yeah. This much” said Hemangi.

“Despite of spending so little of quality time together, they are the best couple, why?” Asked Harry

“Because they truly loved each other moron. Not like you guys, letting go each other just because your times aren’t compatible. They didn’t lose hope against so many odds and look at you, weak generation” said Dad while patting him in the head.

“May be I should approach her once” said Harry and went to the bedroom skipping Ramayan’s episode.

“Harry! I’ve waited for you like hell. Come back honey let’s patch up. We need each other” said Krutika from the other side of video call.

“I was thinking the same. Will you marry me?” Asked Harry

With a mixture of tears, blush and immense happiness on her face, Krutika said “Yes!”

The End

Warm Regards,

Dnyanesh Make “The DPM

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Tripti · 1 March 2021 at 6:35 am

Such a lovely story… I can completely relate!

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