A cricket addict kid who transformed himself to be a school topper, an engineering dropout who made a graceful career in CA and a very humble person, CA Satyajeet Jaju is a multifaceted personality.

Satyajeet’s Quote In His Own Handwriting

Early Days of Childhood

Belonging to a middle class Marwadi family, Satyajeet happens to be a millennial generation kid. Every single incident from his childhood which I am going to quote here, is a sign how his destiny signaled radical switch-overs he was going to make in future.

Ujani, a small village in the district of Latur, Maharashtra is his ancestral homeland where he completed his LKG, and later, because of the transfer of his father, he had to move to Ambajogai, a small town in the district of Beed. Satyajeet has immense love for this place. As a kid, he was a bright student in his primary school. When he was in 4th standard, the teacher took his book for teaching and forgot to return him and went home along with that book. He apparently kept some money in Satyajeets’s book. On the next day, Satyajeet got his book back from the teacher. The teacher forgot about the money he kept and when he recalled it, he asked all his students whose book did he carry to his home, and said that he had kept ₹ 300 in that book. Satyajeet went to the teacher and told that the teacher took his book. The teacher asked about the money he kept. Satyajeet said, “It must be right where you put”. The money was as it was. Satyajeet was publically appreciated for his integrity that day. That’s what integrity is, being honest and true even if no one is watching over you, isn’t it? This explains how Satyajeet embraced good manners from his very childhood.

Never mistake good manners for lack of childish naughtiness in any kid. When he was 12, Satyajeet had once managed to steal green mangoes from the neighborhood of his friend, that too by deceiving their maid. He stole as many as 70 green mangoes from the well-fertile mango tree of that house. Obviously he was scolded by his father when the neighborhood complained about it.

Along with being naughty, he was very sentimental. He mentions that once he had cried in front of whole classroom on being scolded by teacher. He has once lost the election of Class Monitor miserably. All in all, he has experienced many ups and downs in school life.

The Cricket Love and Subsequent School Change

Satyajeet said he was addicted to cricket during his 6th to 8th. This addiction was so severe that he literally copied in the final exams of 8th standard due to lack of studies. He mentioned that during final exams of 7th standard, his father scolded him for not studying and himself took Satya’s classes few days prior to exam. Satya scored 96% in 7th standard, scoring 100 out of 100 in Science.  

He had participated in a state level cricket tournament at Kolhapur representing his school. He took 6 wickets in that single inning. His success in Cricket and continuous decline in his academic career made his father wary of his career. He says he was literally addicted to cricket. His father changed his school and town. From Yogeshwari School of Ambajogai he moved to Saraswati Vidyalaya Latur. His father shifted the house to Latur permanently. He mentions that he loves Ambajogai. Apart from the friends he had in that town and his wonderful school life, he loves Ambajogai as a town. He has often randomly visited the town just to roam around.

The Engineering Dream and Back-to-Back Switch Overs

He has no great memories of his schooling in Latur though. He started studying quite seriously and listed amongst the toppers of school in 10th. At this moment, his father wanted him to become a Chartered Accountant, as he is today, but he wanted to pursue Chemical Engineering. He scored more than enough to get admission in Rajarshi Shahu College Latur (The pioneer of “Latur Pattern” and one of the toughest junior colleges in Maharashtra to get admission in.) He had a very tough schedule in his 11th and 12th. He used to have the college for 12 hours a day followed by his own study hours. His hustle and efforts worked, as his score in JEE was very good. Though he couldn’t get into Chemical branch of top engineering colleges, he got admission in Pune Institute of Computer Technology and got IT branch, that too under a special scheme where his 90% fee was waived off. Nothing was going wrong and he started pursuing career of his choice from a renowned institute. The first semester was over and he failed in one subject. He doubted his choice of pursuing engineering and he decided to leave the field.

He decided to pursue CA. He joined the  only CA Coaching in Latur. During his CPT batch, he could barely understand accounting and law concepts but he acknowledges the effective teachings of all those teachers. He scored 145/200 in the very first attempt of his CPT.

CA Satyajeet Jaju CPT Marksheet

Meanwhile, nobody knew he appeared for the Engineering CET as well, again. Apparently he scored well enough again to get into any tier-1 engineering college. This was the biggest turning point of his life as he faced a very complex dilemma of choosing either of the career options. He met many people for counsel. Before the last day of applying for engineering admission, he left the ball of making decisions in the court of his parents which they passed it on to their Family Goddess. They put 10 chits, 5 each for CA and Engineering in front of the Goddess deity. Shuffled all those chits and randomly picked out 5 of them. 4 of them showed CA and 1 showed engineering. Satyajeet tore apart the ₹ 1,25,000 DD he had for the engineering fee, cancelled his ticket from Latur to Pune and joined the same coaching institute’s IPCC batch on the same evening. Thus, the confused satellite finally made its orbit clear. The engineering seat lapsed and so did his dilemma. Satyajeet regrets of not being an engineer even today, for no reason I believe.

IPCC and Articleship

IPCC was 10 times greater, more tough than CPT. He started to have issues with the basic concepts of accounting. He mentioned that he exclaimed as “fantastic” when Prof. Jadhav Sir solved a problem of Incomplete records on board. It made him wonder how a balance sheet tallies after all those efforts. He still feels embarrassed recall this memory, but I think that simple incident tells us a lot about Satyajeet as a student. Curiosity and learning with joy are two of the greatest propellants of success. Satyajeet had them. He scored 446/700 in IPCC in the very first attempt, clearing both groups. He was the only student in his batch to do so.

CA Satyajeet Jaju CA-IPCC

Satya now had one more confusion, where to do the articleship i.e. the 3-year long practical training of CA Course. Though he is a homesick and a hometown lover, he decided to pursue articleship in Pune. After a lot of research and analysis, he joined office for the same at Hemant Shah and Associates.

He mentioned that he learnt every task all by himself without taking anyone’s favour. He had many challenges in his way, many a times he was scolded by his principal like every other article, he was also assigned with multiple tasks at a time but he remained patient and learned everything he could. He practiced over all the work he got. He made all the honest efforts to be a good CA Student. Being a cricket lover, he managed to play cricket after office hours during the first year of articleship. He had to discontinue it after he joined his CA Final classes. He told that he repeated the entire classes of Strategic Financial Management just because he was sleepy throughout the previous course. In December 2019, he went on exam leave completing all the work he had at his disposal in a simultaneous hustle of pending lectures. Satya started studying for May 2020’s CA Final examinations he had.

His biggest takeaway from his articleship, he says, is the paradigm development of soft skills. While having 4 tasks on your desk and 2 clients facing along with one more calling for queries, Satya says this is exactly where your patience and soft skills are tested.

The CA Final Exam and Effect of Corona Pandemic

He threw away his smartphone and got a simple mobile phone to avoid distractions. He used to study 15 hours a day. Satya says he used to have daily targets to complete the portions of studies and whenever he’d achieve those targets, he used to get a satisfactory feeling. Everything was going right until March 24th,  when PM Modi announced  the historic nationwide lockdown for 3 weeks which went further on till 3 months. The exams postponed. The exams were postponed 4 times during that year and Satya, being at his home in Latur, could only wait and study. He was in fact disturbed and distracted between May 2020 to September 2020, but afterwards he studied consistently, thoroughly and appeared for exam. I remember him ranting and panicking over the tough SFM paper he had, still he appeared for the  whole exam. He was very doubtful for SFM and Risk Management. You can notice his score in those particular subjects. He passed CA Final both groups with flying colors. He cleared all the levels of CA in the very first attempt, just 1% students are able to do this. Following is his marks statement.

CA Satyajeet Jaju CA Final Marksheet

Satya describes reaction of his parents’ in precise words that his father had tears of joy in his eyes while his grandpa said he’ll live 5 more years as the grandson earned this huge success. All his family members and friends were extremely happy for him quite obviously.

CA Satyajeet Jaju After CA FINAL result

Satyajeet’s Take on Spirituality, Love and Life

Satya is a firm believer of god and also very much keen to explore spirituality. He said that prayers and honest devotion do work. His overall life approach is very simple, that you shouldn’t just spoil anything out of impulsive reaction. He is concerned about anyone having suicidal thoughts. He justifies to be selfish for your own good and he recommends to be shameless at times but says that never ever compromise on your self respect.

When asked about having relationship, Satyajeet strongly recommended to have it after you achieve your career goals. He also pointed out to clearly distinguish between love and lust.

In life, you should never compare anyone with yourself at any stage, said Satya.

Satyajeet’s Career Guidance

Consistency and Perseverance are the keys to any tough examination out there, says Satya. He mentioned a famous saying by CA Parveen Sharma Sir, that prior 5 years before you become a CA and the 5 years after you become a CA, will decisively shape your life. You should extensively focus on your career all this while as told by Satyajeet. He shares an example and I quote, “Imagine being a batsman on a difficult pitch with a strong opponent team. The bowler is someone whom you are supposed to face and answer with your bat but the fielders and wicket keeper will sledge over you. They’ll try hard to distract your attention. If you pay any heed to what they say, you lose the ground and if you don’t, you start playing good.”

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